I am currently working on my first book, the Futility of Esoterica. But if you would like to sample some of my writing, you can read my short fiction, comic fantasy, God Confessions. By signing up to my newsletter here


The Futility of Esoterica

On his first day at the fabled University of Esoterica, the world’s premier magical college, Louie is told that his lecturers are not there to teach him anything. What is the point of the university that refuses to teach anyone anything? And why do the wizards never seem to use any magic?

With a library of unlimited size but professors refusing to teach him anything, join Louie on a journey of profound disillusionment!

Endowed with a library of infinite proportions, but bereft of guidance from his instructors, Louie embarks on a journey of profound disillusionment.

Coming soon!

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