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Here you will find all past and present instalments of my comic fantasy series, God Confessions. I will keep updating this page as I release future instalments of this series. I am currently planning to release one or two parts every month. I may not always be able to conform to this self-imposed timeline.

Click on the links below to download the pdfs for the respective parts of the short fiction series. The first one is an epub file, delivered by Bookfunnel for your respective e-readers.

The God Confessions – Entry One (epub)

God has been kicked out of his parent’s universe. Now he has to create his own universe. But did you know that is regulated? Find out how and by whom by reading this entry!

The God Confessions – Entry Two (pdf)

God starts to create his universe. He is not happy about it, and he is already planning some malicious nonsense, such as imposing string theory and VCR instructions manuals upon the universe. Oh dear…

The God Confessions – Entry Three (pdf)

God creates the land animals and man. And talks about how he is intending on confusing those damn evolutionists by faking the fossil record and the like. Good news for the Creationists, I suppose…

The God Confessions – Entry Four (pdf)

God and his friends from high school trash his new universe, drive the Elder Gods insane and generally cause untold havoc. They may or may not also break time. Find more about their insane antics…

The God Confessions – Entry Five (pdf)

God starts talking about compiling a confusing creation narrative from multiple sources. He pretends to create Adam from dust and tricks him into naming the animals for him. He hopes Adam does not learn morality, then he might realize he does not need God anymore…

The God Confessions – Entry Six (pdf)

The Fall has finally happened! Adam and Eve have finally eaten that apple and gained the Apple of The Knowledge of Good and Evil! Our favorite tyrannical purple mucous monster is furious! What happens now?

The God Confessions – Entry Seven (pdf)

God realizes that humans have a reproductive problem. There is but one woman. That implies certain complications. How is God to work around this? He might have to get creative. Whatever he comes up with, you can be sure it will be stupid. There is also the issue of Cain and Abel. And other ramblings. Tune in to see what God is rambling on about this month.

The God Confessions – Entry Eight (pdf)

In this part, God faces invasion from inter-universal religious fanatics! These nefarious Nephilim have come to spread the Inter-Universal Message of Hope and spread the word of Glod, God of All Gods. What chaos will the Sons of Glod cause? How will God respond to the Sons of Glod? Are these the Nephilim in the Bible? Of course! Read to find out more!

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